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Felix Millan Little League


2004 Little League Urban Initiative Jamboree

Felix Millan Little League
Bronx, NY

Members of the team from the Felix Millan Little League in New York City are, from left to right in the front row, Jeffry Rodriguez, Joseph DeJesus, Jason Pena, Justin Rodriguez, Darinel Feliz and Jaime Contreras. In the middle row from left to right are, coach Danny Rodriguez, Richard Pasols, Jose Cuicas, Juan Dominguez, Christopher Rivera, Danny Jackson, Jesus Velasquez, Steven Rodriguez and coach Rene Balloveras. In the back row is manager Raymond Maldonado.

Player Player # B/T POS.
Contreras, Jaime 16 R/R OF/P
Cuicas, Jose 12 R/R C/P
DeJesus, Joseph 8 R/R 2B
Dominguez, Juan 3 R/R SS/C/P
Feliz, Darinel 13 L/R SS/C/P
Jackson, Danny 10 R/R IF/P
Pena, Jason 11 L/L 1B/P/OF
Pasols, Richard 4 R/R OF/2B
Rivera, Christopher 2 R/R P/SS
Rodriguez, Jeffry 15 R/R IF/OF
Rodriguez, Justin 5 L/L 1B/OF/P
Rodriguez, Steven 7 L-R/R IF/C
Velasquez, Jesus 1 R/R 3B/P

MANAGER Raymond Maldonado
COACH Rene Ballovera
COACH Danny Rodriguez
UMPIRE Benny Rosado