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Central Ward Little League


2004 Little League Urban Initiative Jamboree

Central Ward Little League
Newark, NJ

Members of the team from Central Ward Little League in Newark, N.J. are, from left to right in the front row, Elijah Rivera, Quran Sommerville, Mike Velez, Anthony Lee, Terrell Jackson, Dante Chow-Yuk and Javar Outlaw. In the second row are, from left to right, coach Shawn Bowman, Andrew Tomlin, Mark Anthony, Jaquan Stevenson, Amin Willis, Tyquan Wright, Al-Quan Bullock, David Rivera and coach Ken Washington. In the back row is manager Floyd Roberson and umpire Willie Boxton.


Player Player # B/T POS.
Anthony, Mark 15 R/R P/IF
Bullock, Al-Quan 13 R/R C/IF
Jackson, Terrell 9 R/R C
Lee, Anthony 2 L-R/L 1B/OF
Outlaw, Javar 4 L/L IF/OF/P
Rivera, David 1 R/R OF
Rivera, Elijah 8 R/R OF/SS
Sommerville, Quran 12 R/R 2B/OF
Stevenson, Jaquan 5 R/R IF/OF
Tomlin, Andrew 11 R/R 3B
Velez, Mike 10 R/R 2B/OF
Willis, Amin 16 R/R C/IF/OF
Wright, Tyquan 3 R/R OF
Chow-Yuk, Dante 7 R/R OF/2B

MANAGER Floyd Roberson
COACH Shawn Bowman
COACH Ken Washington
UMPIRE Damien Allen