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Concussions in Youth Athletes - Vermont


The Vermont law can be found at 16 V.S.A. section 1431 under the title dealing with Education and the chapter dealing with health. (Vt. Stat. Ann. tit. 16, § 1431).

This law requires the Secretary of Education to develop statewide guidelines, forms and information on concussions. Vermont Law defines youth athlete as an elementary or secondary student who is a member of a school athletic team. The principal of each school must ensure: that the information is provided annually to student athletes; each parent/guardian and student annually sign a form acknowledging receipt of the information; and each coach receive concussion training at least every two years. Every referee of a high school team contest involving a collision sport shall receive training every two (2) years. Neither a coach nor health care provider shall allow continued participation by a student athlete if either knows or should have known that the athlete has sustained a concussion or other head injury and the student may not participate until examined by a health care professional and cleared in writing. A coach or a health care provider are precluded from allowing a youth athlete to participate in further play, if the coach had reason to believe that the youth athlete has sustained a concussion or head injury during practice or in the course of a competition. A coach and health care provider are also precluded from returning an athlete to play who was removed from play as a result of a concussion or head injury until the athlete is evaluated and written clearance is received from a health care provider. The Vermont Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Board to the extent permitted shall obtain information necessary to create an annual report detailing the number of concussions sustained by student athletes in Vermont, the sport involved, the number of student athletes treated in emergency rooms and who made the decision regarding a return to play. Section 1431 requires that a home team ensure that a health care provider is present at any athletic event in which a high school athletic team participates in a collision sport, encourages home teams to have a health care provider present at any athletic event in which a high school athletic team participates in a contact sport, requires a health care provider to notify the visiting team’s athletic director of any concussions sustained within 48 hours and requires the health care provider to notify a parent/guardian when a student participating on that school’s athletic team sustains a concussion within 24 hours.

The text of 16 V.S.A. §1431 can be viewed online at:


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