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Concussions in Youth Athletes - South Carolina

South Carolina

The South Carolina law can be found a section 59-63-75 of the South Carolina Code, under the education title (§59-63-75).

South Carolina law requires the Department of Health in consultation with the State Department of Education to post on its web site recognized procedures for dealing with the identification and management of concussions in student athletes. Local school districts shall develop guidelines and procedures based on the model guidelines established by the Department of Health. Each year prior to participation in athletics each school district shall provide information sheets to all coaches, volunteers, student athletes and parents about the nature and risks of concussions, and risks of continuing participation. The parents’ receipt of the concussion information must be documented prior to the student athlete’s participation. The South Carolina law also requires mandatory removal of a student athlete suspected of sustaining a concussion from play; however, if evaluation at the time by a health care provider identified in the statute determines that concussion or brain injury was not sustained, then the student athlete may return to play. Otherwise, written medical clearance must be provided by a physician in order to return to play. An athletic trainer, physician, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner evaluating a student athlete during play or practice and authorizing a return to play is immune from civil liability unless their acts or omissions constitute gross negligence or willful, wanton misconduct.

The text of §59-63-75 can be viewed on-line at:

http://www.scstatehouse.gov/code/t59c063.php (control /f and search for concussion)

The following website offers additional information regarding South Carolina concussion law: