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Concussions in Youth Athletes - Rhode Island

Rhode Island

The Rhode Island law can be found at section 16-91-1 through 16-91-4 of the Rhode Island Code, under the education title. (R. I. Gen. Laws §§ 16-91-1 through 16-91-4).

Rhode Island law requires the Departments of Education and Health to work with the interscholastic league to develop guidelines and information on concussions. It requires a concussion information sheet be signed and returned by a parent/guardian prior to any participation in an athletic activity by a youth athlete. It also requires that school districts make concussion training available and require all coaches/volunteers to undergo a training program annually. A youth athlete suspected of sustaining a concussion is to be removed from the activity at that time and may not return to the activity until evaluated by a licensed physician and given written clearance.

Section 16-91-4 provides that all other youth sports programs not addressed by the act are encouraged to follow the act’s guidance.

The official versions of these sections are currently available online at: