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Concussions in Youth Athletes - North Dakota

North Dakota

The North Dakota concussion law is found at the North Dakota Code- Section 15.1-18.2-04, under the education code. (N.D. Cent. Code § 15.1-18.2-04).

The North Dakota statute applies to school districts and each non-public school sponsoring or sanctioning any athletic activity and requires a concussion management program, which requires removal of a student from practice, training or competition if a student self-reports signs or symptoms of a concussion, exhibits signs or symptoms of a concussion, or is determined by a licensed health care provider after observation to have sustained a concussion. Prior to participation in athletic activity, the student and student’s parent must document that they have reviewed information related to the students sustaining concussions in the course of participating in athletic activities. Each coach, official and designated individual having direct responsibility of the student during athletic activity shall undergo biennial training. The duty to remove a student from play is placed upon coaches, the officials and any individual having direct responsibility of a student during practice, training or competition. A student may not return to play until authorized by a licensed health care provider in writing. Return to play authorizations would be required to be retained by the school district for seven (7) years after the conclusion of the student’s enrollment. The law does not create any liability for a school district or non-public school or its officers, employees or upon any official.

The official version of this section is currently available online at:

http://www.legis.nd.gov/cencode/t15-1.html (section labeled 15.1-18.2)

The following website offers additional information regarding North Dakota concussion law: