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Concussions in Youth Athletes - Maine


The Maine law can be found under Title 20 of the Maine Revised Statutes (A.M.R.S.A) §254.17, which falls under the Maine educational laws. The law requires the Commissioner of Education in consultation with others develop a model policy with regard to the management of concussions and other head injuries in school activities and athletics. Section 1001.19 of Title 20 requires each school board and governing body of each private school with certain enrollment numbers adopt and implement a policy for management of concussions and other head injuries consistent with the model policy developed by the Commissioner.

The text of sections 254.17 and 1001.19 can be viewed online at:


LLB encourages its leagues, teams and youth sports programs to familiarize themselves with the information and resources provided by the Centers for Disease Control Prevention, available through their website: http://www.cdc.gov/headsup/index.html

The Centers for Disease Control Prevention is helping to support states, leagues, and schools by developing educational resources in line with components in many of the return to play laws through the development of a FREE Heads Up program.

The Centers for Disease Control Prevention Heads Up initiative provides the following:

  1. Online course for coaches and parents. In under 30 minutes, coaches and parents can learn about identifying a suspected concussion and how to respond. After completing the training and quiz, coaches and parents can print out a certificate, making it easy to show their league or school they are ready for the season. Coaches online training can be accessed at:

  2. Parent/Athlete information sheet with signature lines that can be ordered or downloaded and distributed during registration or prior to the first practice.

  3. Online course for health care professionals on concussion in sports diagnosis and return to school and play management. This one hour course provides an overview of what health care professionals need to know about concussion in sports and includes a free continuing education opportunity through the American College of Sports Medicine. Healthcare professionals’ online training can be accessed at http://preventingconcussions.org/

The following website offers additional information regarding Maine concussion law: