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Concussions in Youth Athletes - Hawaii


The Hawaii law (HB 2273/SD1 (Act 197 of 2012) requires the Hawaii Department of Education and the Hawaii High School Athletic Association (“HHSAA”) to develop a concussion educational program, including education for students, parents, officials, faculty, coaches, and administrators about the signs and symptoms of a concussion, annual programs for coaches about the warning signs, education on the need mandatory removal of students from activities if demonstrating the signs, education on the need for a licensed health care professional to evaluate the student and the monitoring of the student. Every public and private school that is a member of the HHSAA must develop the school’s concussion awareness program, and every program must require:

1) Annual concussion training for coaches, faculty and staff;

2) Annual concussion training for parents and students who participate in sports and requiring parents to sign annual information sheet;

3) Immediate removal of any student from a game, practice or activity if they exhibit the signs or symptoms of a concussion, requiring that the student be evaluated and cleared by a licensed health care provider before they can return to athletics or academics; and

4) The authorization to return must be in writing and must include a statement that the student is eligible to resume participation in the sport and requires that the student’s return be monitored by the school’s trainer, and may require the student to follow a recovery plan like rest/reintroduction to activity.

There are no online links available at this time for the Hawaii concussion law enacted on July 3, 2012.

The text of HB 2273 and Act 197 are available online at:



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