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Concussions in Youth Athletes - Connecticut


Governor Rell signed SB 456 into law on May 19, 2010. This bill can be found at sections 10-149b and 10-149c of the Connecticut General Statutes, under the title dealing with education and the chapter concerning teachers. (Conn. Gen. Stat. §§ 10-149b through 10-149c). In summary, section 10-149b-149c provides that any coach, who is permitted under the State Board of Education, must: complete a course in head injuries, annually review information on concussions, and complete refresher courses. The courses and information are to be prepared by the State Board of Education. If a coach permitted by the State Board of Education suspects a student has suffered a concussion that student must be immediately removed from participation until they are cleared in writing by a health care professional. A coach’s permit may be revoked for a violation of these sections.

The official versions of sections 10-149b and 10-149c are currently available online at: http://search.cga.state.ct.us/adv/ (search text [contains phrase] for concussion and check box for Statutes –section text 1/1/13 under Acts, Statutes and Constitution).

There is currently no legislation pending to amend this statute.