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Concussions in Youth Athletes - Alabama


The Alabama law is located at §22-11E-1 through §22-11E-2 of the Alabama Code under the title dealing with health, mental health and environmental control laws. (Ala. Code § 22-11E-1 through § 22-11E-2)

Alabama law requires each local school system and the governing body of each sport or recreational organization to develop concussion guidelines and provide concussion training and education to parents/guardians and athletes and that the parents/guardians sign a concussion information sheet annually before participating in practice or competition. The law also requires that coaches be trained about concussions. Finally, any youth athlete suspected of sustaining a concussion or brain injury must be immediately removed from the game or practice and may not return to play the day of the injury and until evaluated by a licensed doctor and receiving written clearance.

The terms “youth athlete,” “sports organization” and “recreational organization” are not defined in this statute or anywhere else in the Code.

Sections 22-11E-1 through 22-11E-2 may be view online at:

http://alisondb.legislature.state.al.us/acas/ACASLoginfire.asp *click the top menu item labeled “Code of Alabama”, then click “view” on the left, click on Title 22 on the left, then click Title I on main page and page down to Chapter 11 E clicking on the link to view either section) .