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Reporting Child Abuse - Utah


Under Utah law, any person, including licensed doctors, nurses and other licensed persons of the medical practice arts, who knows of or suspects child abuse or neglect is required to immediately report that information to a law enforcement officer, a law enforcement agency, or an office of the division of child and family services.

Child abuse is defined as non-accidental harm of a child, threatened harm of a child, sexual exploitation or sexual abuse.

To access the entire child abuse reporting chapter of the official Utah Code online, follow:


Links to the specific sections summarized above, including definitions, of the official Utah Code online are available as follows:


http://le.utah.gov/xcode/Title62A/Chapter4A/62A-4a-S402.html?v=C62A-4a- S402_1800010118000101

For more information on the Utah law and reporting in Utah, visit the division of child services website at the link below:


Child Abuse/Neglect Hotline: