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Reporting Child Abuse - Oregon


Under Oregon law, certain officials and professionals including doctors and health care professionals, school employees, law enforcement officers, clergy, social workers, mental health professionals, firefighters, court appointed advocates, child care providers, employees or public or private organizations providing child related activities like scout camps, day camps, summer camps and religious centers, as well as coaches, assistants and trainers of amateur,

semiprofessional or professional athlete (if compensated and if the athlete is a child), personal support worker and home care worker with knowledge of or suspicion of child abuse are required to immediately make an oral report of such abuse to the Department of Human Services by telephone or in person.

Abuse is defined to include physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation and neglect.

To access the entire child abuse chapter in the official Oregon Code online, follow:


For valuable information on reporting abuse in Oregon and tools to determine what constitutes abuse, visit the Department of Human Services website at:



To report child abuse or neglect, follow the link to contact

information for your local office:


Or Call: 1- 855 503 SAFE (7233)