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Reporting Child Abuse - Oklahoma


Under Oklahoma law, every person having knowledge of or suspicion of child abuse is required to report the information to the Department of Human Services via the child abuse hotline. No employer, supervisor, administrator, governing body or entity shall interfere with the reporting obligations. Any employer, supervisor, administrator, governing body or entity who discharges, discriminates or retaliates against the employee or other person shall be liable for damages, cost and attorney fees. If a child who is the subject of a report or if another child is harmed by the discharge, discrimination or retaliation, the party harmed may file an action to recover damages, costs and attorney fees.

Abuse is defined to include physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse and exploitation.

To access PDFs of the child abuse act sections of the official Oklahoma Code online, follow:


To access the specific sections summarized above in the official Oklahoma Code online, including any relevant definitions, follow:


For more information, visit the Oklahoma Department of Humans Services website at:


OKDHS Abuse and Neglect Hotline:

1-800-522-3511 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.