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Reporting Child Abuse - Nevada


Under Nevada law, certain professionals (including doctors and health care professionals, mental health care professionals, social workers, clergy, child care providers and any adult employed by an entity that provides organized activities for children) who discover or suspect child abuse or neglect in their professional capacities, are required to report the abuse/neglect to a child welfare agency or a law enforcement agency within twenty-four hours. Any other person not specifically named may make a report of any known or suspected child abuse/neglect. A report is to be made by telephone or other means and is to be followed be a written report as soon as possible.

Abuse or neglect of a child means physical or mental injury of a non-accidental nature; sexual abuse or exploitation; or negligent treatment whereby a child’s health or welfare is harmed or threatened with harm.

To access the entire child abuse reporting chapter in the official Nevada Code online, sections 220 through 432B follow:


To access the specific sections summarized above in the official Nevada Code online, including any relevant definitions, follow:



For more information on reporting child abuse and the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services Division of Children and Families, follow:


To report child abuse or neglect call:

1-800- 992-5757