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Reporting Child Abuse - Iowa


Under Iowa law, certain individuals in their professional capacities (including social workers, employees of health care facilities, mental health professionals, school employees, employees of substance abuse programs, foster care facility employees, police officers and others) are required to report any known or suspected child abuse within twenty-four (24) hours to the Department of Human Services by telephone or in person. A written report is required within forty-eight (48) hours. Any other person not specifically listed by this statute may make a report to the Department of Human Services regarding known or suspected child abuse.

The statute defines child abuse as any non-accidental physical injury, any mental injury, the commission of a sexual offense with or to a child, and the failure to provide food, clothing, shelter or medical treatment to a child.

Links to the specific sections of the official Iowa Code online are not available. The mandatory child abuse reporting act is located in Title VI (Human Services), Subtitle 5 (Juveniles), Chapter 232 (Juvenile Justice), Sections 232.67 through 232.77. The link to the entire official Iowa Code online is:


Links to the specific sections summarized above, including definitions, in an unofficial [1] version of the Code online, are available as follows:




For important information about the Iowa child abuse reporting laws and how to make a report, see the Iowa Department of Human Services website:


Child Abuse Hotline:


[1] Please note any unofficial sources may not reflect the most current changes in Iowa law and should not be relied upon.