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Reporting Child Abuse - Arizona


Arizona requires that a certain list of persons (including health care professionals, mental health paraprofessionals, public or private school counselors, school officials including officials of institutions of higher education, peace officers, parents/guardians/step-parents of a child, teachers or administrators, domestic violence advocates and any other person who has responsibility for the care or treatment of a child) who reasonably believes that a child has been the victim of child abuse or neglect to immediately report known or suspected child abuse to a peace officer or the Department of Child Safety or to a Tribal Law Enforcement or Social Services Agency for any Indian minor who resides on an Indian Reservation. If the abuse is being performed by someone other than a custodian of this child, then the abuse is to be reported only to a law enforcement officer.

Reports are to be made immediately, by telephone or in person, and are to be followed within seventy-two (72) hours by a written report.

Any other person not mentioned in this statute who reasonably believes that a child is being abused or neglected may report that information to a peace officer or to the Department of Child Safety, unless the abuse is not at the hands of the custodian of the child, in which case the report should be made only to a peace officer.

The statute defines “abuse” as intentional physical injury, neglect, mental injury, inflicting or allowing sexual abuse or other sexual contact as prohibited by state law and unreasonable confinement of the child. To access the specific sections summarized above in the official Arizona Code online, follow:


Follow this link to reach the Department of Child Safety home page and other resources on child abuse reporting:


Follow this link to reach the Department of Child Safety Services information on reporting abuse or neglect:


Arizona Child Abuse Hotline:

Toll free at 1-888-SOS-CHILD