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Listing of Little League Trademarks

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Little League Baseball, Incorporated (“Little League”) which holds a federal charter from Congress has granted the exclusive right to use and to authorize the use of the designations “LITTLE LEAGUE,” “LITTLE LEAGUER,” “LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL” “LL,” “LLB,” the Little League Emblem, and numerous other marks (the “Little League Marks”) which identify its products and services in the United States. 36 U.S.C. § 130506. The relevant language as granted to Little League by federal congressional charter is as follows:

“Sec. 16. The corporation (Little League Baseball, Incorporated) shall have the sole and exclusive right to use and to allow or refuse to others the use of the terms, “Little League”, “Little Leaguer”, and the official emblem or any colorable simulation thereof. No powers or privileges hereby granted shall, however, interfere or conflict with established or vested rights.”

Public Law 88-378, 78 STAT. 325 (July 16, 1964)

Additionally, Little League Baseball, Incorporated owns numerous United States Trademark Registrations for the Little League Marks, including Reg. Nos. 606,748; 642,433; 1,028,942; 1,028,752; 1,049,641; 1,290,157; 1,315,871, and 1,464,669.

Little League Baseball, Little League, the medallion and the keystone are registered trademarks and service marks belonging exclusively to Little League Baseball, Incorporated.

Please note that any unauthorized use of these aforementioned marks is considered an infringement violation and is subject to legal arbitration. Little League has the authority to seek injunctive relief to remedy such situations if misuse actions continue to become a state of punitive and/or detrimental consequences.

Any entity seeking to use our portfolio family of trademarks should consult the Little League Licensing Department via phone at 570-326-1921 or via e-mail at licensing@littleleague.org
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