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Licensed Products: Bats Non-Wood

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Please visit the Baseball Bat Resource page for the latest information:

The following is a list of licensed baseball bats with a 2 1/4 inch maximum diameter that are currently approved for use in the baseball divisions of Little League (Little League [Majors] Division and below). Little League placed a moratorium on all composite-barreled baseball bats for these divisions, which took effect on Dec. 30, 2010. Composite barrel bats must appear on this list in order to be used in play. Photos of approved composite bats may be found here. From time to time composite barrel bats, which are randomly subjected to compliance testing, are found to be non-compliant and therefore decertified. Please be sure to review the list of decertified models here.

Little League reserves the right to add to this list or make other changes as new information arises.

These lists are updated frequently, please check back regularly to download the latest version.

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