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Guidelines for Motion Pictures, Television, Music, Book Narratives, Theatrical Arts, Photo Rights, and More

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From time to time, Little League Baseball, Incorporated has granted clearance rights to use the Little League trademark(s) in select pictures, television, music, books, and other entertainment media.

If you are interested in using our trademark(s), Little League requires that any entity request permission from Little League Baseball, Incorporated for such usage.

The following examples of creative works may be considered for use of trademark.

Creative forms of usage that may require permission:

Motion Pictures/Television/Theatrical Arts
  • Factually or fictitiously in a visual art form containing storied/dramatization content (in script, dialogue, and characterization)
  • Visually using trademark(s) and insignias
  • Songs or melodies (lyrically, phonically, or subjectively in musical content) that reference Little League to promote the sale of a product or service
  • Visually using trademark(s) and insignias for album art/covers, promotional materials, (creatively for songwriters, artists, composers, and etc.)
Books and Literary Works
  • Factually or fictitiously through written material that would be circulated and potentially sold to the public masses for profit (books, audio tapes, publications, references, and etc.)
Archived Photos
  • Photos depicting Little League trademark(s) such as the name Little League, emblems, and etc. (inclusion of players, coaches, administrators, ball fields/parks, building facades, and etc.)
Failure in acquiring proper rights and clearances to any forms of media is considered a trademark infringement and violation and is subject to legal arbitration.

Little League has the authority to seek injunctive relief to remedy such situations if misuse actions continue to become a state of punitive and/or detrimental consequences.

For more information regarding our trademarks, please click here.

To acquire more information in seeking trademark clearances with your creative works, please consult with our Little League Licensing Department via phone at 570-326-1921 or via e-mail at licensing@littleleague.org.


Little League Baseball, Incorporated will not consider any content that depicts a negative connotation to Little League, not limited to the following:
  • Crude and vulgar humor
  • Irreverent, coarse, and harsh language
  • Substance abuse involving any drugs, tobacco, and alcohol
  • Armament with the use of any weapons (guns, knives, and etc.)
  • Depictions of any violence resulting in corrosive bodily harm, verbal abuse, and emotional damage
  • Any adult themes
  • Embezzlement
  • Fraudulent dealings
  • Gambling
  • Gang affiliation/religious & demonic occults
  • Sexual representations and exploitations
  • Situations exhibiting blood, gore, and etc.
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