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Guidelines for Motion Pictures, Television, Music, Book Narratives, Theatrical Arts, Photo Rights, and More

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Little League Baseball, Incorporated, more commonly referred to as “Little League”, is a federally-chartered corporation to which Congress has granted the exclusive right and owner of the following trademarks, service marks and other designations: LITTLE LEAGUE, LITTLE LEAGUER, LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL, SENIOR LEAGUE LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL, LITTLE LEAGUE SOFTBALL, LITTLE LEAGUE CHALLENGER DIVISION, LL, LLB, and the Little League Emblems or logos (e.g. keystone patch, Character, Courage and Loyalty logo), among others. Collectively these are referred to as the Little League Trademarks, which identify its products and services in the United States and other countries including Mexico, Canada, Japan, Australia, among others.

The use of the Little League Trademarks by any person, organization, or business entity in an unauthorized fashion is strictly prohibited, as it is classified and defined as a misuse (infringement) of Little League’s trademark rights.

Please note that any unauthorized use of these aforementioned marks is considered an infringement violation and is subject to legal arbitration. Little League has the authority to seek injunctive relief to remedy such situations if misuse actions continue to become a state of punitive and/or detrimental consequences.

If you are interested in using our trademark(s) for creative entertainment purposes (literary work, television, motion picture, theatrical arts, or etc.), Little League Baseball requires that any entity or entities must request legal permission, plus complete a licensing application, and answer a questionnaire.

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