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Questions to Ask Before Registration

Questions to Ask Before Registering Your Child to Play Little League®

The first step for would-be Little League® parents is to register their child in a local Little League program. Before sign-ups, Little League International provides answers to some of the more common questions. With these answers in hand, you will more prepared when you attend your league’s registration day.

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Making Everything About Baseball

The Mistake of Making Everything about Baseball

Read how making everything about baseball turned a positive experience into a negative for this Little Leaguer® and his family.
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Elbow Swing

Elbow Swings Using a Batting Tee

Young players often lunge at pitches when trying to hit. Use this drill to help your player rotate their hips and drive the ball, rather than lunging at the ball.
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22 Questions

What Parents Need to Know at Registration

These questions, and the answers provided by your local league officials, will broaden your understanding of the league’s operations.
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Helping Hands: Volunteering in Little League® Makes the Experience Better for Your Family, Community

Consider how you can contribute to the Little League experience.
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Dual Roster

In 2017, Little Leaguers® Can Dual Roster

This season, Little League® is allowing players to play on multiple Little League teams during the same regular season.
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