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Your Voice - Bat Standards, Board of Directors, and More

Your Voice: Answers to Your Questions on Baseball Bat Standards, Board of Directors, and More

As we look ahead to the next season season, several parents had questions about volunteering as coaches and serving on the local Board of Directors, the new USA Baseball Bat Standard, and online registration, among others. Check out what Little League® International has to say on the subjects.

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Parent Confession

Parent Confession: I Regret Telling My Daughter She Couldn’t Play Softball

She had fun with her friends, but the truth was, I wasn’t having fun, and not really trying to, either.
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Stu Pederson - 'W' Word

Stu Pederson, father of Dodgers’ Phenom Joc Pederson: Don’t Say the “W” Word

The one word Stu Pederson never said while coaching his kids in Little League®.
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Support Little Leaguer

How to Support the Experience of Your Little Leaguer® Off the Field

Here are a few tips on how you can help your Little Leaguer® learn life lessons, while having plenty of fun.
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Backyard Tip - Grip Bat

Backyard Tip: Gripping a Bat for Baseball or Softball

Gripping a bat the proper way seems simple enough, but if you don’t, it could mean the difference between a base hit and out.
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Softball Quiz

Little League Softball® Program Quiz

Test our knowledge about Little League Softball® by taking a quiz. Good Luck!
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The Parent Connection Newsletter

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