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The Parent Connection - February

Volume 4 | Issue 2 | February 2016 | Archive
Parent Confession: I Sat in the Car Instead of the Dugout
Last year was my son’s first time playing baseball. He made the same team as his friend. When it was my turn to take him to practice, I’d drop him off, and then run some errands or stay in the car returning phone calls, texts, and emails. Read More
*PREMIER: The Player Draft –
What Parents Need to Know
*PREMIER: Backyard Tip:
Placement Hitting Using a Hit Stick
How a Little Leaguer® Became a Pitch, Hit & Run Champion

Your Voice: Tryouts, Drafts, and More!

Your Voice is a way for readers to share questions with us, and an opportunity for Little League® to provide some important information and guidance.

This month, Little League answers your questions on:
  1. Missing registration
  2. Little League tryouts
  3. Team notification
  4. Draft process

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The Parent Connection | February 2016 - Archive