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Parent Confessions... My Rule Was... All Baseball All the Time

Volume 3 | Issue 9 | October 2015 | Archive
Parent Confessions... My Rule Was... All Baseball All the Time
Over the years, Little League® has received stories from parents throughout the world, reflecting on their influence, their behavior and how they handled themselves during the career of their Little Leaguer®. While a vast majority of our parents and guardians are extremely positive role models, we can all learn from select stories some have chosen to tell.

My son was 9. The regular season had just ended. It was his first year in the Major Division. He did great! I was so proud. We signed up for Fall Ball, and he did ever better. After Fall Ball, he was invited to try out for a travel team. He made it! He played in some outside tournaments up until October, and then the team headed inside for games. The dome was white, so they played with yellow balls. He really liked that. Spring rolled around, and we got right back to Little League.

It went that same way for his 10- and 11-year-old season. All baseball, all the time. That’s how I wanted it. He did so well, I figured he wanted it, too.

All that baseball really paid off on the diamond. He was an All-Star every year, and the starting shortstop on his travel ball team. He even won a tournament MVP. For his 12-year-old season in Little League, his All-Star team went all the way to states! We were two outs away from going to the Region Tournament, but we fell short. On the way home, I told him about a travel ball tournament in the fall down in Texas.

“Dad,” he said. “A lot of my friends are playing basketball this year.” I looked at him through the rearview mirror. “Think I can play?” I could not have said “No” any faster.

The travel ball team went to Texas with a few different players. Two of his friends decided to skip the tournament, and instead played hoops. My son had an okay tournament. I saw on his Instagram account that he made a few comments on some of the photos one of his pals posted of the team on the court. One comment was... Looks like fun guys!

Baseball began to be a grind on him. Now that I think about it, it probably was for a few years. He didn’t have that spark anymore on the field. His play showed. In the Intermediate Division, he played first base, which, I guess was okay, but he was the star shortstop not all that long ago.

He played one more year of Intermediate ball and then quit. He hasn’t picked up a glove and bat since.

My son tried out for the basketball team, and made it. He rides the pines, but he’s happy. Wish I wouldn’t have said “No” so fast, or at all.
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