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Tournament Season Is Closer Than You May Think

Volume 3 | Issue 5 | May 2015 | Archive
Tournament Season Is Closer Than You May Think
Summer is just around the corner, which means warm days, no school, cookouts, and Little League® All-Stars. Even though it seems like your children just started their Little League seasons, the time for tournaments is closer than you may think.

Having your child chosen to play on a tournament team is a nod to their abilities, but is as much a credit to their character as it is about physical talent. Before embarking on the special moments and memories that are such a large part of the tournament season, be sure to understand that selection to a tournament team is a big commitment. If chosen, the player will be expected to attended practices, games, and any other related team or league functions.

Each local Little League program chooses to enter a tournament team(s) in one of several divisions of Little League Baseball® and Little League Softball®. The players for each team are selected by a volunteer manager and coaches from the league where they played during the regular season, and will represent the league during the International Tournament, beginning at the District level.

If you see the possibility of All-Stars, you need to know the steps to register your child. The prerequisites for tournament play include league age, regular-season participation, and residence or school enrollment. Before a player can be selected, he or she must be made available, and able to commit to the team for the duration of the time that the team is in contention.

All of this information is collected on the Tournament Verification Form. Local leagues will gather this information from you through the tournament materials available on the Little League International Tournament website. As parents, it’s important to understand and know your player’s tournament eligibility to ensure the All-Star season is a smooth, enjoyable one for everyone.

All players that have not played in the International Tournament in previous years must have a completed player verification form. This form requires player to be able to show an original proof of age document to the player’s District Administrator to be verified and accepted. Once the original proof of age document is accepted, a copy of the verification documents may accompany the player’s verification form. The original proof of age document does not need to be retained or accompany the tournament team on their tournament game trail.

In addition, the player may also provide three proofs of residency (dated or in force between Feb. 1, 2014 and Feb. 1, 2015) showing a bona fide place of residency within the chartered Little League’s boundary area. Or, the player may present appropriate documentation showing that the player attends school within the league boundary area. In subsequent seasons, a completed Tournament Verification form with the corresponding proofs of age/residency/school attendance will serve as future approval for the player, and the player will not have to provide these proofs again in the future.

These documents are then all compiled and prepared by your League President, League Player Agent, and Team Manager, and subsequently reviewed and approved by the District Administrator. The documents are then reviewed at every level of tournament play.

Tournament team rosters cannot be announced prior to June 15, and a Tournament team is not permitted to begin practice more than two weeks prior to the start of the District Tournament. Typically, district play commences, on or slightly before, July 1, with Regional and World Series’ tournaments being played in late July through mid-August. It should be noted that teams cannot play with less than nine players at any time.

While being selected to a Tournament team is a great privilege, the truest Little League experience occurs on local teams throughout our 7,000 leagues. We wish all Little Leaguers and their families continued success throughout the 2015 season!

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The Parent Connection - May 2015 - Archive