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Capture Lifelong Little League® Memories

Volume 3 | Issue 5 | May 2015 | Archive
Capture Lifelong Little League® Memories
At some time or another, most parents have looked back and regretted not taking or printing photos of their children from a memorable event. They reminisce about the memories, but do not have an image to tell the tale.

Canon recognizes the importance of preserving precious Little League® moments, and that printing on-field and off-field memories gives families the opportunity to relive them well into the future. With today’s camera and printer technology, capturing and preserving quality images has never been easier and more convenient.

There is nothing better than capturing your children on the field at their focused or candid moments. Take photos of them in their natural element, as these are the memories that will immortalize their love and commitment to all-things Little League.

In addition to shooting images of the action on the field, capture the family moments in the stands and throughout the complex. These are the special moments, that, when printed, will bring the Little League experience back to life.

Taking great photos during Little League season is the first step in creating something that will last a lifetime. Display the framed action shots in the bedroom of your Little Leaguer®, create a scrapbook that commemorates the entire experience, or print copies to share with family and friends at your next social gathering. Taking, keeping, and preserving printed photos will allow you and your family to always relive your Little League years.


Little League and Canon want to see those photos from your Picture Perfect Season. Starting this month, visit www.littleleague.org/photocontest to submit your favorite photos to the Canon Little League Photo Contest for a chance to win amazing prizes like Canon cameras and printers, or even a trip to the Little League Baseball® World Series! This month’s theme is Step Up to the Plate. Share your photos for a chance to win!

Want to take better pictures? Here are some useful tips to help you get a head start:
  • Move to a shaded area when it’s sunny to capture a richer shot of your son or daughter jumping for a fly ball.
  • Experiment with shutter speed – a high shutter speed will freeze the action with great clarity, a slower shutter speed will create a sense of motion.
  • A close up of a moving object can add real drama. Use your camera’s zoom to get right in on a swing or slide.

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