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Second Season Means a Second Chance to Play Ball

Volume 3 | Issue 6 | June 2015 | Archive
Second Season Means a Second Chance to Play Ball
Even though the Little League® regular season may be winding down, there’s no reason to think that the fun and games are done. After the school's-out euphoria passes, head to the ball field or batting cages for some extra swings, or throw the ball around in the backyard.

Opportunity is what Little League is all about. If your child is not involved with a Tournament team, your league may offer Second Season activities throughout the summer and into the fall.

Little Leaguers ages 4-to-18 are welcomed and encouraged to continue to enjoy Little League by practicing and playing games on teams assembled from players not involved with your league’s All-Star teams.

Special games on weekends and games during the week, involving different local leagues, is an exciting chance for players to travel and play in new and different surroundings. Parents too can embrace the extension of the season by helping out as coaches or managers even if they did not volunteer during the regular season. If any parents wish to take part in these capacities during the Second Season, and did not get the appropriate clearances during the regular season, simply contact a league official for details and direction.

Check with your Little Leaguer’s team manager, or a member of the league’s Board of Directors, for more information on Little League’s Second Season. Showing interest and getting organized may be only a phone call or email away. Reach out to other parents and members of your league to see what can be done to get some games played.

Before you know it, summer will be turning toward fall, and more players and leagues may want to get together for a few games in September and October. To gauge interest and develop a schedule, contact your league officials in August to discuss the Fall Ball season.

As your players grow through the local Little League program, take some time to reflect on the experience for you and your family. The action and accomplishments on the field, the shared memories and friendships, and the life lessons learned from your connection to Little League are everlasting. For these reasons, Little League reminds you to focus more on the participation and opportunity; and less on the wins and losses. There are only so many years a child will be a Little Leaguer, and Second Season and Fall Ball give you the place to make that time last a little longer.
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