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Parents Volunteering as Little League® Managers and Coaches Are Mentors for Life

Volume 3 | Issue 1 | January 2015 | Archive
Parents Volunteering as Little League® Managers and Coaches Are Mentors for Life
There is no Little League® volunteer that has more daily influence and responsibility for your children than a team manager and coach. Now is the time when you can help shape the experience for the Little Leaguers® in your community by volunteering to manage or coach a team in your league.

Throughout the world, parents like you are deciding how much time and commitment they can make to their Little League. Choosing to manage a team or assist as a coach is one of the most rewarding volunteer commitments you can make as it presents an opportunity to bond with the players and their families.

All managers and coaches are nominated by the league president and must be approved by vote of the Board of Directors, and no one who held those positions last year is guaranteed to be in that same position, or with the same team, this season.

Little League managers and coaches should possess leadership and teaching skills. Understanding, patience, and the capacity to work with children are the primary attributes of a good coach, and anyone who takes on these roles should be able to inspire the respect of not only the players but their families. Above all else, managers and coaches must realize that they are helping to shape the physical, mental, and emotional development of young people.

While a background in the sport of baseball or softball is desirable for any coaching candidate, leagues are always looking for other special intangibles because at the heart of Little League the organization is as much a teaching organization as it is a sports organization. And Little League International offers many free coaching resources to help coaches with the fundamentals, practice structures, and more.

Anyone interested in being a Little League manager or coach should contact their local league president prior to, or during the time of player registration, and be willing to submit to a background check, as well as interviews with those who have personal knowledge of your qualifications.

Little League is about having fun with friends and learning valuable life lessons, while also competing on the field. Success is more than wins and losses; it’s about taking a roster of players and group of coaches and becoming a well-rounded team.

By volunteering as a manager or coach you are sharing this special time in your child’s life and making memories together.
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