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The Parent Connection - January

Volume 3 | Issue 1 | January 2015 | Archive
Eight Lessons About Leading Kids from Derek Jeter’s Dad, Charles
For 20 years, Derek Jeter showed the world that not only was he a world-class baseball player, but that he was also a world-class leader. Exuding the sportsmanship and teamwork that are at the heart of the Little League® mission, Derek got his start at Westwood Little League in Kalamazoo, Mich., before becoming a star with the New York Yankees. Read More
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Parent Confessions...
I Was a Poor Sport and So Was My Kid
It was the bottom of the 6th, score tied, my son’s team in the field. He was playing third base. As always, he was intense, as he led the team in chatter. The count was 0-2. The pitcher had pretty good heat, and we all thought, including my 12-year-old son, that he’d throw his typical fastball, and send the game into extras. For whatever reason, though, the normal glove-popping fastball we all expected didn’t come. The pitcher took something off the throw, and in a flash, the game was over. Before the ball even cleared the fence, the pitcher squatted, buried his head between his knees, and folded his arms on top of his ball cap. That’s when I saw my son, jaw clenched, arms crossed, standing near third base. Over the joyous screams from the crowd, I watched as my son yelled at the pitcher, who was still on the mound, “That was a stupid pitch!” Read More
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The Parent Connection - January 2015 - Archive