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A Collection of Little League® Memories From Notable Alumni

Volume 3 | Issue 11 | December 2015 | Archive
A Collection of Little League® Memories From Notable Alumni
“Playing Little League® was one of the happiest times of my life. I’ll never forget the feeling of sheer joy I had when I put on my first Little League uniform. Sadly, we only got to play two games a week. I would have played two a day.”

Roy Smalley – Former Minneapolis Twins player and Pitch In For Baseball Board of Directors President

“Besides child birth, winning the (Little League Softball®) World Series was the best experience of my life.”

Nancy Santopadre - College Softball Coach, Retired Police Detective, and Little League Hall of Excellence Enshrinee

“I was presented the Little League Sportsmanship Award when I was 12, and I still have that vivid memory today.”

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – Former NBA All-Time leading scorer and 1993 Little League Hall of Excellence Enshrinee

“To me, Little League is a valuable asset to our society because it gives players and enjoyable experience, and yet one in which they learn to cooperate with their teammates, their families and neighbors … This is a competitive world where the best winning is done by observing rules of fair play and equal opportunity. Little League is valuable because the children who are benefiting from it may well hold the future of our country in their hands one day.”

Walt Disney – Founder, Walt Disney Studios

“My family functioned around Little League. Our dinner hour was scheduled around game time … my mother ran the concession stand, and my dad was a coach and District Administrator in Southfield, Mich.”

Orel Hershiser – 1988 Cy Young Award Winner, ESPN Little League Baseball World Series Broadcaster

“[Little League] is a phenomenal organization and it’s a great introduction to [baseball and softball]. There are millions of people involved now in the games, not only here in the U.S., but around the world. Williamsport, of course, has been the home for the Little League World Series since the late 1940s, so it’s been a tremendous success story. It’s a fantastic because it teaches kids some very, very important values, and anybody can come out to the ballpark and enjoy the game.”

Dick Cheney – Former Vice President of the United States

“I was the player that wasn’t the biggest, fastest or smartest, but still I learned through Little League that I have no limits.”

Sue Enquist – NCAA Softball Champion player and coach, UCLA

“I compare playing in the Little League World Series to playing in the Olympics because you are representing so many people, and doing something that so many people look forward to. It was so cool because there were always games going on and we all felt so connected.”

Krissy Wendell – NCAA Women’s Hockey National Champion, U.S. Olympian and Little League Hall of Excellence Enshrinee

“… The most important lessons I learned in Little League were to be a good loser and a graceful winner; to put the team effort ahead of personal goals; and to put 100 percent of myself in to every game and practice.”

Bill Bradley – Little League Graduate, Rhodes Scholar, Former U.S. Senator, Member of the National Basketball Hall of Fame and Little League Hall of Excellence Enshrinee

“Playing Little League molded me. I had so many good coaches in Little League. They taught me about sportsmanship, and Little League is where I really learned to compete.”

Chris Drury – 1989 LLBWS World Series Champion, U.S. Olympian, Former Captain of the New York Rangers and Little League Hall of Excellence Enshrinee

“Little League to me was the smell of freshly mowed grass, the crunch of the gravel in the driveway, the tangy fair of early spring. It was oiling up the baseball mitt and wrapping it in rubber bands, the dirt from a slide that never quite came out in the wash, the taste of the concession stand cheeseburger, the sound of infield chatter, the casual leaning against the chain-link fence with my friends. It was Little League. And it was childhood.”

Harlan Coben – New York Times Best-Selling Author and Little League Hall of Excellence Enshrinee
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