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The Parent Connection - December

Volume 3 | Issue 11 | December 2015 | Archive
My Son Wanted to Play Two Sports in the Same Season, and I Let Him
Most parents know how hectic it can be getting children to practices and games. So, you can imagine my concern when my son came to me one day holding a baseball bat and a soccer ball, asking if he could play both sports in the spring. My mind raced at the thought of two coinciding sports, scurrying around getting him to practices that would probably be scheduled around the same time. Read More
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New Year’s Resolutions

With 2016 right around the corner, this is the time to start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. Last December, The Parent Connection put together a list of resolutions for Little League® parents. This December, we want to hear from Little Leaguers®!

Your Little Leaguer is invited to share with us three of his or her top baseball or softball resolutions. During 2016, do they resolve to practice more in the backyard, write a baseball/softball journal, have more fun, teach a younger sibling to field a grounder, work on their pitching, help clean up the field, be more spirited in the dugout? Don’t just list the resolution. We also want to hear why each resolution is important to him or her. Email your Little Leaguer’s resolutions to parents@littleleague.org, and be sure to include his/her name, the local league, your address, and a photo of him or her in a Little League uniform. We will list the top resolutions in the January issue of The Parent Connection. Those that make the list will receive a Todd Frazier Oyo Figurine and a 2015 Little League Baseball World Series Commemorative Pin. Resolutions should be sent using your email address. Deadline is January 4.
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The Parent Connection | December 2015 - Archive