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Little League® Concession Stand Contest Winners Announced

Volume 3 | Issue 8 | August/September 2015 | Archive
Little League® Concession Stand Contest Winners Announced
During Little League® season, a local league’s concession stand becomes a regular melting pot both figuratively and literally. The past two years, Little League’s The Parent Connection (TPC) newsletter has celebrated the in-season eatery for Little League families and fans with the Confessions of a Concession Stand Contest.

Throughout the season, concession managers and volunteers behind the counter have shared a vast assortment of special and unique items on the menu with the TPC, along with memorable stories and moments.

Taking the top prize this year is Peter Stuyvesant Little League (PSLL) in New York City.

“Our concession stand had to be rebuild after Hurricane Sandy washed away the old one,” said Jenni Kops, a member of the league’s Board of Directors. “We didn't hire workmen to build a new building. Instead, we got a few families together to paint, lay flooring, donate equipment, and install new cabinets. We have come back better and stronger than before and can offer many healthy and organic choices along with the field fan favorites. Our concession stand is built on love and devotion. I work there 13 hours a day every weekend. I probably know 85 percent or our families by name and what they order.”

The moments and memories, along with the comfort food on the local league’s concession stand menu, highlighted by the “best bagels and donuts in Manhattan,” make the PSLL concession stand the place to be, said Mrs. Kops.

Turlock National Little League (TNLL) from Turlock, Calif., claimed second-place in this year’s contest. The socializing, and fun had while enjoying special “Portuguese Lingucia BBQ night,” or the saucy tastes of pretzels with nacho cheese make this the place to be on game day (or night).

“The concession stand is where people meet,” said Melody Lema, Assistant District Administrator for California District 73, and former TNLL concession stand manager. “Families will often say, ‘I’ll meet you at the concession stand,’ when they need to exchange gloves, bats, and sometimes, kids. All of the parents take turns working in the stand, and if they have children who are old enough, those kids will take the parents’ turn behind the counter.”

The third-place honors went to Plainville Little League from Plainville, Conn., for the Mac and Cheese bites, fried dough, and its weekly “team’s choice” special of the week.

The much-loved concession stand would not have reached such success without the dedicated team of volunteers behind the counter who strive to bring the best Little League experience to all of their customers.

Little League thanks all of the volunteers who give their time to serve dinners on a bun, and dish out tasty treats before, during and after the game is done.
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