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As You Clean Out the Equipment Bag, Consider Donating Gently-Used Playing Gear to Pitch In For Baseball

Volume 2 | Issue 9 | September 2014 | Archive
As You Clean Out the Equipment Bag, Consider Donating Gently-Used Playing Gear to Pitch In For Baseball
It’s September, and after months of sweat, slides, highlights, and high-fives, your Little Leaguer’s game uniforms and practice clothes have been worn and washed countless times. The gloves, bats, and other playing gear also have had a full run, but before you empty the equipment bags and put the “baseball and softball stuff” away for the season, consider making a donation to Pitch In For Baseball (PIFB).

Since 2005, Little League® and PIFB have been partners in helping children around the world receive new and gently used baseball and softball equipment.

“Before our partnership with Pitch In For Baseball, it was challenging for Little League to support local players with donations of equipment and gear,” said Stephen D. Keener Little League International President and CEO. “It has been wonderful working with PIFB, as they have done a tremendous job in keeping so many children playing Little League around the world.”

Donating to PIFB is a great way to clean out the closet. As the kids grow out of their uniforms, the extra jerseys, pants and game socks make for an awesome donation, as do gently-worn cleats. The same goes for gloves, bats, batter’s helmets, and catcher’s equipment. This is not a place for junk, but if any of the items listed above are good enough to still be used or worn, PIFB would welcome the support.

Over the past decade, PIFB has been involved in more than 120 assistance projects that have provided help to local Little League programs in 30 states, including assisting six leagues in the Little League Urban Initiative program. In addition to their work in the United States, PIFB has supported 49 projects in 27 countries around the world, helping children in international communities enjoy a Little League experience.

Some of the projects that Little League and PIFB have worked on together include assistance for leagues impacted by natural disasters and developing countries. Recent examples include leagues in Joplin, Mo., that were ravaged by tornadoes in 2012, and assistance for more than 12,000 Little Leaguers in 30 local Little League programs in New York and New Jersey impacted by Superstorm Sandy. Little Leagues in various regions of Europe, South Africa and India also have benefited from PIFB’s assistance. In 2014, Little League, with the support of Honda, donated $100,000 to PIFB in honor of Little League’s 75th Anniversary.

You are welcome to send individual donations to PIFB, but better yet, here is an opportunity for your league to organize a league-wide campaign to help others enjoy playing baseball and softball. A league donation on behalf of the families in your community is a fantastic way to give back and help pay it forward.

For more information on Pitch In For Baseball and to learn how to make a donation, visit PIFB.org.
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