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Read the Winning Entries of the “My Little League Story” Writing Contest!

Volume 2 | Issue 9 | September 2014 | Archive
Read the Winning Entries of the “My Little League Story” Writing Contest!
In the July issue of The Parent Connection, we asked parents to invite their Little Leaguers® to participate in a writing contest. Little Leaguers from all over submitted their “My Little League Story”, which highlighted some of their unforgettable experiences throughout the season. Read the winning entry, as well as the Honorable Mentions below.
My Little League® Story
By Zach Laura
9 Years Old
San Pedro Little League, Arizona

Zach Laura, 9 Years Old
San Pedro Little League, Arizona
Little League® was the best part of my summer. I got to be with my best friend. We both were on the same team for Little League, and we both made the All-Stars Team. Our record for the Little League season was 14-1-1 and in the end we won our local tournament. Our Little League team was the Chicago Cubs. I hit 6 home runs! I would say baseball is pretty much one of my favorite things to do. Usually every day I practice baseball because it's my favorite sport. I play catcher, and I love getting to tag people out at home plate! I was really happy when I made All-Stars for San Pedro. The tournament was fantastic! I would love to make All-Stars again next year. I love playing against teams from other towns. When we lost, I was still happy because I got to play. My favorite game of the season was when we faced Rio Rico in the second game of the All-Stars tournament. We took a loss of 5-4, but we had the best game of defense of the season and I tagged two people out at home plate. I had a great summer, and baseball was a huge part of it!

Honorable Mentions
Clayton Wendel – Age 11 – Encinitas Little League, California
As this past season progressed, my family had some ups and downs...We had a huge fire hit our community and my backyard. Luckily, the fireman saved our house. Many of the families from the Encinitas Little League reached out to help us when we couldn’t get to our house during the fire. Playing baseball has always been a great, stable force in my life. I’m fortunate to have a solid family backing me and great coaches to push me along the way. Encinitas Little League in my life has provided me with great opportunities, great friendships, great coaches, and great memories.

Drayton Brown – Age 12 – Lufkin Little League, Texas
My coach called on me to close the game down. I was really pumped up! I warmed up but could hardly control my excitement. The first batter stepped in the box, ball one, I kept telling myself, to calm down and focus. Three pitches later, strike out! Now we just needed two outs, my heart was pounding. Next batter, strike out! I couldn't believe it, one out away from the win. But the next batter up was the kid who had hit a home run earlier in the game. Four pitches later, I struck him out and we were celebrating! This was one of the greatest experiences of my life. What a summer and it was just getting started.

Justin Lee – Age 8 – Tri-Town Little League, New Jersey
I have never played baseball before, but just completed my first season on the Tri-Town Little League. I now love baseball! Last summer, I watched baseball a lot for the first time when I watched my cousin, Chad Knight, who plays for Westport, Conn., play in the Little League World Series...I continued to watch him on TV, and saw how he worked hard as a pitcher and as a teammate to help lead his team to fourth place. Since then, I told my mom that I wanted to play baseball...I always cheered for all my teammates and always had a sore throat after every game because of the cheering! Everyone did a great job as a team. We were the top team in our town...I have made great friends on the team and really look up to my coaches, who put in so much time for us and always encourage us.

Kendra Kuiper – Age 8 – Northeaster Little League, Michigan
I played Tee Ball for two years. My first year, I was the only girl on the team. The boys were nice ...I had so much fun...My second year, I was finally on a team with girls on it, but they weren’t from my school. I still didn’t know anyone. I made new friends and enjoyed playing...This was my first year playing softball...I was looking forward to being on a team of all girls. We all played and had fun together. I really enjoyed being the catcher...I started off striking out a lot, but by the first few games, I had a hitting streak going...It was great to hear everyone cheering everyone on. I’m sad the season ended too soon and am looking forward to playing softball again next year!

Connor Steele – Age 12 –Warwick Little League, Virginia
In March of last year I was diagnosed with Leukemia...One of my first questions were "When can I play baseball again?”...Two months later I played. I was not as good as I was, but I was so thankful for the chance to even get on the field...This year I hit 5 home runs this season for Little League. Four of them were game tying and game leading and the last one was a grand slam. I did make the all-star team. We didn't do too good but I had fun.

Derek Henges – Age 4 – RC Little League, New York
This year, I played Little League Baseball at RC Little League. I was in the Tee Ball Division...I wore the number 3. I made friends with a boy that played on my older brother’s team last year, a boy in my pre-school, and many others. Daddy was my manager. My team was blue. The boys on my team were cool. I liked it when we put our hats over our hearts to listen to the National Anthem and to say the Little League Pledge. At the end of the game, we always had to say good game, but we had to be gentle to shake hands so we did not hurt each other. It was really fun when we got to go for ice cream after the game...I learned a lot playing baseball...I can’t wait to play Tee Ball next year. The best part of summer is the Little League World Series. My family goes to the Little League World Series every year. I am going to trade pins. I have my own pin bag and a lot of pins! I even have a gatekeeper pin. I will watch baseball games. I will see Tony the Tiger and Dugout!

Joshua Henges – Age 6 – RC Little League, New York
This year I played Little League Baseball at RC Little League...I wear the number 3 every year because it was Poppy’s baseball number, and I want him to see me wear it from heaven. There were 12 boys on my team. Coach Dixon was my manager and Daddy was my coach. My team was dark blue . . . I liked being the catcher. I liked playing baseball with my old friends and my new friends . . . I learned a lot playing baseball. I learned that you have to throw to your partner. We have to warm up before our game with our teammates. Warm ups are very important. It was cool when I got my first baseball trophy.

Lane Ross – Age 9 – Tega Cay Little League, South Carolina
A few weeks into the season, I was in a major accident. I was hit by a SUV...I was taken to Levine's Hospital with burns and serious internal injuries. I didn't know my coach, Tommy Homchik, that well. He came to the hospital the very next day though. He gave me a baseball signed by the team that I played on. He also prayed with my family that I would get better and be able to play again. This was the start of a special relationship between Coach Tommy and myself. After about a month, I could practice and play again. Coach Tommy worked with me until I was able to play again. My first game back, I hit my first ever home run! Little League Baseball helped my coach and me build a bond that we will have forever.

Aidan Holton – Age 9 – Pecos Little League, New Mexico
The best memories of Little League was making new friends, playing ball with my little brother, seeing my teammate hit a home run and watching my best friend catch his first fly ball...I will never forget what happened at the end of our regular season. I was playing shortstop and the other team hit a ball toward me. I dove and caught the ball! I got up and ran to second base and got my first double play. It was awesome hearing everyone cheer for me...I was selected to play in the district all-star team. I met a lot of new players and made a lot of new friends...This season was fun but I can’t wait for next year...I love baseball because it is FUN!!!!!

Chris Bollefer – Age 12 – Cherry Creek Little League, Colorado
My teammates and I have known each other for years and some may move on next season. I will never forget them and the time we spent in Little League have been the best of my life. I will cherish every moment, and never forget the memories.

Nicholas Dogostino – Age 13 – Winslow Township Little League, New Jersey
This past season was one I will never forget. My younger brother and I were playing on the same team (11-13) and being coached by our father and grandfather...During a playoff game, I robbed a three run home run over the fence while playing centerfield...What an amazing moment, but nothing tops the emotions I felt when I hit my first home run over the fence. I knew as soon as the ball hit the bat . . . Tears filled my eyes as I approached third base and saw my grandfather cheering me. As I rounded third, my grandfather patted my back then followed me to home where my teammates were waiting to celebrate...Everyone was hugging me...My brother was yelling “you did it!” I hurried over to my father and gave him a huge hug. I saw my mom was waiting at the entrance to the dugout. I said, “I did it Mom!”
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