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Bestselling Author Reflects on His Little League® Days and Being a Little League Parent

Volume 2 | Issue 11 | November 2014 | Archive
Bestselling Author Reflects on His Little League® Days and Being a Little League Parent
Brandon Mull is the author of the New York Times, USA TODAY, and the Wall Street Journal bestselling Beyonders and Fablehaven series, a popular set of novels with kids and young adults. Brandon is also a proud Little League® Graduate, having played for Clayton Valley Little League (Calif.) in the mid-80s. Recently, Brandon sat down with The Parent Connection to talk about his fun Little League days, using baseball to bond with his son, and his successful fantasy novels, which just so happen to include a few baseball references.

Brandon Mull and his
eight-year-old son, Chase.
TPC: What did Little League mean to you growing up?

BM: Little League provided me with a way to learn teamwork, explore my talents, practice performing under pressure, and simply to have fun. Through Little League and playing baseball in the neighborhood (whether impromptu games or homerun derbies) I made friends, got exercise, and had a great time.

TPC: How involved was the rest of your family with Little League growing up? Are your children playing baseball now?

BM: My dad has always loved baseball. Having batting practice with him in the backyard and playing catch with him are some of my earliest memories. When I nailed a good one he would tell me I had “hit it a country mile.” I do the same with my eight-year-old son, Chase. He plays Little League and we have a lot of fun throwing the ball around in the yard. It’s a simple, fun way to bond.

TPC: Have your Little League experiences impacted your writing at all?

BM: In my Beyonders series, the main character is a junior high baseball pitcher. That ability impacts some key events in the story. The whole series begins at a batting cage, and the second book starts with him umpiring a Little League game. My experiences in Little League were a direct influence on using those details for that character.

TPC: You have quite the diverse background. How did you get into fiction writing?

BM: Since I was young I’ve loved adventure stories. That started me daydreaming about my own adventure stories. Some of the stories in my head started to seem cooler than many of the books I read or the movies I saw. I love big action, big imagination, and fun twists. Writing the stories down became my way to share them. I try to write the kind of stories that whole families can read and enjoy together. Some of my favorites for that purpose are my Fablehaven series and my newest series, Five Kingdoms.

TPC: What advice would you give to Little Leaguers today about being successful in the future?

BM: Take the good things you learn in Little League like hard work and teamwork, and apply those principles to life. Figure out what you’re good at and what you enjoy, then work really hard and be kind to others.

Brandon’s newest series, Five Kingdoms, has launched with two books —Sky Raiders and Rogue Knight. He also writes the Candy Shop War series. Brandon resides in Utah with his wife and four children.
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