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Your Voice

Since The Parent Connection was launched in October, we’ve been thrilled with how you have embraced this newsletter and we’ve received some wonderful feedback. As parents, grandparents and guardians of Little Leaguers®, this is your newsletter and we encourage everyone to let us know what’s on your minds. In an earlier issue we introduced Your Voice as a way for readers to share questions with us. Over the past couple of months you certainly have offered up some thought-provoking topics. Below is the latest edition of Your Voice. We are excited about our conversations, and, as always, we encourage you to share your thoughts, suggestions, and questions.

Vic from Delaware – I pay a registration fee for my kids to play. What is the money used for?

Little League® – Thanks for taking the time to write us. Each local league’s Board of Directors knows best what it costs for its league to operate successfully. It is up to each league to set the appropriate registration fee. Even though no league can turn away a player for not being able to pay, leagues often ask that a registration or participation fee be paid to offset costs. The fees collected typically go toward the purchase of new equipment, field maintenance, player uniforms, concessions and other common annual costs.

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Monica from Ohio – I’ve seen a lot of news on the Little League® website and Facebook about the 75th Anniversary. I noticed on the Big Legacy website that you are asking for pictures to be sent in and I have some great shots I want to share. How do I do that?

Little League – Thanks for checking out LittleLeagueBigLegacy.com. It sounds like you are interested in uploading pictures to the one-of-a-kind mosaic. Here’s the what-for and the how-to for adding your picture(s). This unique piece will be unveiled in June. For each photo submitted, Little League will donate $1 to Pitch In For Baseball, up to $50,000.

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Michele from Texas – I am on the fundraising committee for my league and my question is: How do Little League’s national sponsors work with local leagues?

Little League – The national partnerships that Little League has are separate from local sponsors, but the national sponsors do impact your local league in many positive ways. National sponsorships funding helps to maintain low team charter fees and funding provides valuable training, education resources and expertise, such as the Coaches Resource Center video training and the new Tee Ball program. Many national partners, like Sam’s Club and HONDA, also impact programs and families locally with seasonal programs and offers. Learn more about our national sponsors and how they help local leagues.

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Rob from Nevada – I have a daughter whose played softball for four years, and this year I was voted to be Safety Officer for my local Board of Directors. My League President told me that Williamsport needs all of the players’ names in order for us to have our safety plan approved. Is this true? Did leagues have to do this in the past? If not, why this year?

Little League –Beginning with the 2014 season, all leagues must upload the names of all of the players, managers and coaches in their league. This is done by logging into the Little League® Data Center and uploading the information. This is a change from past years and the reason why is simple … to become more familiar with all of our leagues at an earlier stage. Having current contact information makes it easier for Little League International to communicate and share information directly with all of its leagues throughout the world. Here is the explanation as it was provided in the January edition of the Little League Notebook, Little League’s newsletter for local League Presidents and league officials.

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Reggie from California – I am not a coach, but I want to work with my son at home in between practices. Does Little League have any easy, fun drills we can do?

Little League – It’s great that you want to spend some special time with your son and help to make his Little League days more enjoyable. There are all sorts of FREE video drills you can check out by logging on to Little League’s Coaches Resources Center. If want to get an even broader exposure to training materials, you can buy the Coaches Toolkit, which has plenty of cool coaching stuff in it. When at home, always remember how valuable a simple game of catch is to improving your son’s confidence and creating a quality experience for both of you. Getting better at the fundamentals will definitely make practices and games more fun.

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