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Backyard Tips: Using a Tee to Improve the Swing Path


Backyard Tips: Using a Tee to Improve the Swing Path

No matter the age or size of your Little Leaguer®, being a good hitter is all about making solid contact with the ball. If a player can see the ball, they can hit the ball and using a batting tee is a great way to develop hand-eye coordination and a consistent contact swing path. So, have your Little Leaguer dust off the bat and helmet, and wake up those muscles from their winter slumber by taking some hacks off of the tee.

Miguel Cabrera
Since leading Major League Baseball (MLB) in homers, on-base percentage and average in 2012, and becoming the first MLB player since 1967 to win the Triple Crown, Detroit Tigers’ slugger, Miguel Cabrera is known for his bat control as much as his home run power. Being such an accomplished pro, you and your Little Leaguer may be surprised to learn about one of his secrets for success. The reigning American League Most Valuable Player uses a batting tee every day!

In the 2014 edition of the Little League® Magazine, set to be delivered next month, the two-time MVP said, “Taking a bunch of swings every day off a batting tee is the best way to practice your swing. If you’re able to do that consistently, you’re going to get better and better.”

Here are two simple drills that your Little Leaguer can do to maximize a consistent contact swing path. Before you begin, be sure to adjust the height of the batting tee so that the ball on the tee is slightly below the batter’s beltline. Also, be sure the player is wearing a batting helmet and is using an alloy or Little League-approved composite bat that is age-appropriate.

Click Here to download the Backyard Tips PDF.

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