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The Parent Connection - February


Cleveland Indians President Discusses the Role of Parents and Coaches in Youth Baseball and Softball
Mark Shapiro, president of the Cleveland Indians and National Advisory Board member of the Positive Coaching Alliance, has worked in professional baseball for 23 years. He’s reached the pinnacle of the sport, and has seen it all. However, it wasn’t until he started coaching his 11-year-old son, did he realize just how important the role of coach and parent are in developing kids beyond the diamond.
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Getting You and Your Little Leaguer® Ready for Tryouts

Tryouts can be more nerve-racking for parents than the Little Leaguer®. Here’s some info to ease you through the process. After registration, player tryouts are the next step in getting back on the field. To have teams, you need players and a tryout is how your local league evaluates a child’s baseball and softball abilities.
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Making the Team: How the Little League® Draft Works

There are no television cameras and bright lights. ESPN won’t be reporting live, and it won’t be scrutinized by professional analysts, but your local league’s draft is one of the most important events in the Little League® experience. Just like when professional athletes go through their draft...
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Do You Know the Next Little League® Mom of the Year?
Little League® could not run without the time and dedication of our Little League moms. From coaches to District Administrators, concession stand workers to ride share organizers, moms are some of the most tireless volunteers in the organization. Every year since 1991, Little League International has recognized one woman...
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Backyard Tips: Glove Flips
This drill is intended to help your Little Leaguer ® improve their ability to open their glove when playing defense. Many young players simply move their glove through the air without ever moving their hand inside their glove. This drill offers a fun way to practice and improve how a player’s hand should properly work inside the glove.
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