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Have A Say In Your Local League


Have A Say In Your Local League

Even though it’s the offseason, your Little League® Board of Directors meets monthly. October is the time of year when parents and volunteers have an opportunity to impact the direction of the league by joining the membership, becoming a Board member, or attending the meetings to weigh in on league issues.

Board turnover varies year to year, and that change is healthy for local leagues. Joining the Board is a great way to learn about the league and help ensure that not only your Little Leaguer® has a positive experience, but all kids in your community have the chance for some healthy and fun competition.

The end of September marked the conclusion of your Little League’s fiscal year. Typically, in the fall is the last meeting for the current Board and offers and open forum to anyone wishing to address the Board on any topic connected to the league. It’s also time for people to express their interest in joining the Board. Reach out to your League President, a current Board member, or check the league’s website or social media page to find out the annual meeting’s time and location.

Even though the majority of Board members are heavily involved in the league’s day-to-day operation, the open forum gives them the opportunity to hear discussions on specific topics from parents and other volunteers. In order for the Board to improve the league and properly prepare and budget for the next season, these conversations are critical for planning purposes. It’s important to mention that if you have questions about rules, for example, but cannot attend a meeting, Little League International releases its Rulebooks in December.

Members of a local league, as defined by the league’s constitution, vote on Board appointees (members). A league’s constitution serves as the blueprint of operation, including all rules and guidelines. It is important to ask what the definition of a “member” is for your league in order to understand whether you can or can’t vote on Board appointees.

During September and October, nomination inquiries and invitations are requested by the nominating committee tasked with replacing those not returning. There are no term limits for local Board members unless stated in the constitution.

The new Board, once seated, votes to assign the responsibilities of its members, including President, Vice President, officials for your league’s various divisions, Player Agent, Treasurer, Concessions Coordinator, Fields and Maintenance Manager, Umpire Coordinator, and others. Each Board member is appointed to oversee a specific task or responsibility, while, at the same time, serving on a variety of committees.

Your willingness to give time as a volunteer is critical to the sustainability of your local league. If you choose to volunteer on the Board, serve as a manager or coach, Team Mom or umpire, your commitment and service is creating opportunity for the children in your community.

Please, get involved, and commit to as much time as you are comfortable with. Simply put, the best way to understand how decisions are made, stay informed and have a say in your local league is by expressing your thoughts and opinions. You, and the league, will be better for it.

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