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Plastic Ball Soft Toss to Improve Plate Performance

Object: With winter fast-approaching, this might be the last month you can get outside with your Little Leaguer® until next spring. Here is a quick, fun drill that can condition your Little Leaguer® to have better patience and improved hand-eye coordination while at the plate. But, put away the hard balls and softballs, and grab the plastic ones, for some backyard soft toss fun.

What you’ll need: A skinny plastic bat, broom handle or wooden dowel and plastic training balls. For younger players, use baseball or softball size plastic balls. For more advanced Little Leaguers, use golf ball size plastic balls.

Adapt to your Little Leaguer: The diameter of the bat and the balls should be based on your child’s skill level. For those younger Little Leaguers who are just starting, try mixing in a larger diameter bat and baseball or softball-sized plastic balls. As they advance in this drill and improve their hitting skills, decrease the size of the bat and ball.

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