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Your Voice

Two months ago, we launched The Parent Connection to expand our open dialog with parents and families so we can provide a greater Little League experience at the local level. We invited you to provide feedback, not just on the newsletter, but about Little League in general. You certainly weighed in, and we hope you will continue to do so. We’ve worked hard to respond to everyone. From time to time, we’ll have a section in The Parent Connection called Your Voice where we’ll list some of the feedback we’ve received, and answer questions that you’ve asked. Below is our first time at the plate with Your Voice. We are excited about our conversations, and, as always, we encourage you to share your thoughts, suggestions, and questions.

Tom from New Jersey - Will any of the bat rules be changing for 2014?

Little League - At this time, we do not anticipate any changes to the bat rules that would directly impact bats previously approved.

- - -

Erica from California - Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for the article recommending a slow down on travel ball. My husband and I firmly agree with your opinions as they apply to baseball/softball as well as soccer, basketball, etc. If you talk with physical therapists they will also tell you that they are seeing people in their offices at younger and younger ages with joints, tendons and ligaments that are worn out from over use. The human body needs a variety of activities in order to grow from a child into a well-rounded (mentally and physically) young adult that can function without pain and with great success.

Little League – Thank YOU for reading, and we’re glad you liked the article on travel ball in the November issue of The Parent Connection. While we obviously love baseball and softball, we feel it’s important for kids (and parents) to put the glove and bat down occasionally for some much needed rest.

- - -

Adam from Washington (on the travel ball article) – There are many kids who are top, competitive players. Society today is all about competition. These elite players are held back by being on teams with other kids who have much less talent. There is too much talent variation on Little League teams.

Little League – We appreciate your feedback, and hope we can continue the conversation. The “variation” you speak of is exactly what Little League is about. We welcome players of all talent levels. We want to give the same opportunity to players no matter if they are hitting clean-up or last in the lineup. At the local level, we are not about strict competition. We are about providing life-lessons and positive, fun experiences – win or lose. Also know that many local leagues offer a more competitive All-Star program at the end of the regular season. Lastly, we allow our kids to play on other teams, but parents need to be cautious about injury and burnout.

- - -

Jill from Virginia – I applied to be part of the Parent Committee. When will that start?

Little League – We received a great response from parents from all over the world wanting to be part of the Parent Committee. This Committee will be very helpful in further understanding and improving our efforts at the local level. We hope to announce the Committee in early 2014. Thank you to everyone who submitted.

- - -

Ben from Illinois – I understand Little League is turning 75 next year. Is there anything happening at our local league?

Little League – The 75th Anniversary of Little League Baseball is a celebration for all local leagues, and we encourage everyone in the Little League family to participate. Your local League President has received a 75th Anniversary Celebration Guide which provides some great tips on how to celebrate locally. Of course, as parents, you have a say, and we hope you can share some ideas with your local league. Stay up to date with all our Diamond Anniversary celebrations on LittleLeagueBigLegacy.com, which will launch in early January.

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