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New 2014 League Boundary Rule Gives More Options to Parents


New 2014 League Boundary Rule Gives More Options to Parents

When you sign your child up for Little League®, you’re also signing up for a season of working with your community to support the league, the team and your Little Leaguer®. For 75 years, that Little League community has been based on the boundaries of the local league.

We are excited because for the first time in Little League’s existence, there are now two options for where your children can play Little League. As always, they can play for the league where your home is located. Or, this year, a new rule allows your children to play for the league where their school is located. In a changing educational landscape, this new rule gives parents the option to register their children for the Little League that is truly most convenient to the family, and further enhance the role of community with the classmates of your Little Leaguers® and their families.

“With no Little League opportunity within our home area, for the past two years, my wife, Jodi, and I have been seeking waivers for our son Nicholas to play Little League where he went to school,” said Ted Grimbilas, a Little League Dad from Concord, N.H. “The new rule will give our family, and many others, great opportunities to play baseball and softball.”

The entire rule can be read on LittleLeague.org, including what you’ll need to bring to registration, no matter which option you choose. For years, Little League has granted waivers to families to let them play for the league where their schools are located. We are confident this rule will make the Little League experience better for many in the Little League Family.

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