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League Bulletin Board: News & Notes for the Quorum

The regular season is here! Let the games begin! While it’s great that the action on the field is under way, there is still plenty of information and other items to be aware of.

Important Little League Data Center Update:

Little League International updated the Little League Data Center with simple digital solutions for the 2017 season. To access LittleLeague.org/DataCenter, the first time that you log in, you’ll use your League ID and the email address associated with your District Administrator or League President. After you log in, you will be prompted to create a password for your league. From that point on, you will use your League ID and that password to log in. When you create the password, please be sure to share it with any of your leagues’ officers that need access to the Data Center. Individuals needing support with LittleLeague.org/DataCenter are encourages to review the Frequently Asked Questions on LittleLeague.org. For additional support, please email support@LittleLeague.org or call 570-326-1921 ext. 2800.

Little League Magazine Distribution:

More than one million Little Leaguers will be receiving Little League Magazine in the mail. In coordination with Major League Baseball since 1997, the magazine has been published once a year and is filled with stories and photos of Major Leaguers who played Little League when they were children, playing tips from the pros, stories about current Little Leaguers, details from the Little League Baseball and Softball World Series, games, puzzles and more. There is no subscription available to obtain the Little League magazine. About one million Little Leaguers whose leagues have submitted rosters to Little League International will receive it by mail, and everyone will be able to access the new issue at LittleLeagueMagazine.org.

Ensure Background Checks are Completed:

Little League’s official regulations have been revised for 2017 to reflect that all leagues in the United States are required to, and responsible for, conducting national background checks that utilize the First Advantage Screening Solutions provided by Little League International, or another provider that is comparable to First Advantage in accessing national background check records for sex offender registry data and criminal records.

  • Here are the questions that your Board of Directors should ask, as you conduct your league’s required background checks for the year.
    1. Are we doing all the background checks that are required? (Reminder: It does not matter who was checked last year – ALL background checks must be performed on an annual basis.)
    2. How many managers/coaches do we have per team - 2 or 3?
    3. How many additional people are helping at practices as “practice coaches”?
    4. Are we checking all the umpires that will be working in our league, even those from an umpire association?
    5. How many board members?
    6. How many parent(s) are assisting teams in various capacities?
    7. Do we have other positions in the league like concessions manager, equipment manager, field maintenance, scorekeeper, and/or announcer?
  • Once you answer these questions you should come up with five to six people per team as an average number of people per league that require background checks.
  • Complete information about the updated background check regulation - I (c) 8 and 9 - including resources for local league volunteers, is available at LittleLeague.org, on the Child Protection Program page.

For assistance, or answers on how to organize a safety plan, background checks, or to increase your district's participation in ASAP through hosting an ASAP meeting or Little League Road Show, contact Jim Ferguson, Little League International's Assistant Director of Risk Management, at: 570-326-1921, ext. 2212; or e-mail: jferguson@LittleLeague.org.

Important Reminders for Local League Operations:

Here are some of the important items that your league should be considering this month, and some resources from Little League University to help guide the way.

Electronic ASAP Plan Submission:

Local leagues are encouraged to complete the 2017 ASAP Plans and submitted electronically. If submitting a plan online, remember that for leagues that have multiple charters (i.e. - American and National), a plan for each is required. The plan(s) must be submitted through the Little League Data Center, and e-mail submission will NOT be accepted. To assist you in providing the highest possible level of safety and injury prevention, a basic sample of an accepted ASAP plan is available. If you are uncertain about the status of you’re an ASAP plan, visit the Little League Data Center.

  • It is very important for those leagues that are operating more than one charter during the 2017 season to check the submission status of each charter. Input the state and two-digit District Code; or the League ID number and District number to gain access to the appropriate league information.
  • If your league intends to host any Little League International Tournament games above the district level, by Little League Tournament rule, the host league must have an approved ASAP plan. Also remember that ASAP plans help to reduce the possibility and severity of injuries in Little League.
  • For assistance, or answers on how to organize a safety plan, or to increase your district's participation in ASAP through hosting an ASAP meeting or Little League Road Show, contact Jim Ferguson, Little League International's Assistant Director of Risk Management, at: 570-326-1921, ext. 2212; or e-mail: jferguson@LittleLeague.org. DA’s should be verifying now who may be eligible to host tournaments based on approved plans.

2017 Little League® Awards Program:

Please consider those who deserve recognition for the efforts on behalf of Little League®. The Little League Awards Program offers a variety of opportunity to highlight the special people in your league. Check out the awards program and consider who that deserving someone may be.

Player Registration:

Little League Regulation IV (g) requires that player, manager, and coach data be supplied to Little League International annually. It is highly-recommended that data be supplied electronically through the Little League Data Center, using approved formats. By uploading the names and contact information for each player, manager, and coach in your league, you are providing Little League International with the accurate information it needs to communicate directly with the players, their families and each of your league’s volunteers throughout the year.

Eligibility Waiver Deadline:

Be aware that all waiver requests involving player eligibility must be processed by the district and respective regional offices, and acted upon by the Little League® International Charter Committee in South Williamsport, no later than June 1, 2017 and prior to said player participating in the local Little League program.

Tournament Enrollment: If your league has not submitted the charter application, it must do so before attempting to enroll in the 2017 Little League International Tournament. If your League President or other league officers have changed, and any league has not received its charter application and insurance enrollment form, please to contact Bonnie Wheeland, at: bwheeland@LittleLeague.org; or Penny Ulmer, at: pulmer@LittleLeague.org.

Little League Bat Information Landing Page:

With the implementation of the new USA Baseball Bat Standard in 2018, Little League International has assembled an online resource page dedicated to baseball bat information. The landing page, found, at: LittleLeague.org/BatInfo, includes the latest bat information, current Little League Baseball rules and regulations governing bats, definition of terms, the moratorium on the use of composite bats, and a series of frequently asked questions, with answers and licensed bat lists.