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School Enrollment Form Being Filled Out

Incorrect Completion of School Enrollment Form Leads to Ineligibility

Don’t let a clerical error ruin a tournament season.

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Tee Ball Players High Fiving

What You Need to Know About Using Little League® Trademarks

Be proud of being part of Little League® by helping to use the trademarked name and marks properly.
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Bulletin Board Graphic

Be Timely with Data Center Updates, LL® Magazine Distribution, and More

Little League® Data Center Updates; the 2017 LL® Magazine has been distributed; and the deadline for player waiver is approaching.
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Baseball PA Announcer

Public Address Announcer: Responsibilities and Best Practices

Having a PA Announcer makes each game a special event. Here’s what you need to know before opening the mic.
Softball Players Celebrating

Having a Plan Makes Game Days More Enjoyable

There are easy ways to avoid having game days become a burden for your volunteers. Organize an experience that’s fun for everyone.
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Softball Field

Field Maintenance: 2 Keys to a Smooth, Study Playing Surface

Wear and tear on Little League® fields happens quickly during the regular season. Here’s a couples of ideas on how to keep the surface safe and playable.
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THF Stop Steroid Abuse

Little League® Notebook Newsletter

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