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Board Election

How to Hold Your Local League Board Election

Electing a new Board of Directors for your league is only effective if you follow the proper process. Little League® University offers a variety of detailed information that is designed to show the correct method and procedures for conducting a fair and effective Board election.

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Don't Let This Happen - Failure to Review Constitution

Don’t Let This Happen: Failure to Review Constitution Results in Challenged Election

Each League is governed by a constitution, which defines the guidelines and policies.
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Fall Ball

Second Season and Fall Ball Provide Players More Experience

It is still warm in many parts of the United States, and abroad, the weather affords opportunities to get outside.
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Fall Ball

6 Tips for Operating a Little League Challenger Division®

Use this time to prepare for recruiting players and volunteers for next season.
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Financial Tips

Creating a Local League Budget

The local Board of Directors decides how the league chooses to budget its funds and those decisions directly impact how much money it needs to operate.
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