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League Bulletin Board: News & Notes for the Quorum

With the regular season completed, and tournament action heating up, there is plenty that you will need to be aware of, so here is a list of items to keep in mind.

2016 Tournament Supplies Only Available Online:

This year’s tournament supplies are available exclusively online through the Little League International Tournament Toolkit. Little League did not mail paper versions of these tournament supplies.

Leagues Not Participating in the 2016 Little League® International Tournament:

Local leagues NOT participating in the International Tournament are asked to log onto the Little League® Data Center and use the 2016 Little League International Tournament participation form to confirm that there were no teams entered into this year’s Tournament. The form must be submitted to Little League International to avoid having your league(s) placed on hold for the 2017 season. All 2016 tournament resources are available online through the Tournament Toolkit website..

2016 Tournament Mileage Reporting:

Each league is reimbursed for tournament travel about district level. Please remind all tournament managers to record their mileage to and from games in order to submit for reimbursement. The deadline for submitting tournament mileage forms is Sept. 15.

2016 ASAP Information for Hosting Tournaments:

Tournament rules require that the host of a section, division, region, or World Series tournament have an approved A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) safety plan. ALL safety plans must be submitted with the Qualified Safety Plan Registration form, which is Requirement #15. A league’s safety plan WILL NOT be shown as approved without the form stating who is submitting it, and where the 15 minimum requirements can be found in the league(s) plan. Please check the Little League Data Center to confirm that your league(s) has completed all of the required background checks through the First Advantage background check tool.

Little League® International Tournament Logo:

The 2016 Little League® International Tournament Logo is now available to local leagues and districts. This logo can be used for activities revolving around the international tournament season, including program publication, schedules, scoreboards, or posters/banners utilized for tournament events. In order for a league or district to receive the logo, contact Eric Hill in the Little League Licensing Department to complete a single-use agreement. Little League's registered marks, logos, names and characters can assist your league with drawing attention and interest from members of the community. However, it is important to remember that local leagues cannot enter into agreements allowing the usage of Little League’s name or trademarks without first consulting with Little League International.

Tournament Technology:

Thousands of Little League® Baseball and Softball teams rely on GameChanger for an enhanced team experience. Leagues, tournaments, and teams can use the award-winning GameChanger software for free. Learn more about the Little League® mobile device applications and how you can use them to score and stream live plays and stats or for all of your district tournament games.

Tournament Banners:

If you haven’t yet, time is running out to order your tournament banners to ensure timely delivery. As in previous years, Little League offers custom, championship, and mini-banners, as well as custom outdoor vinyl banners.

ASAP Status Reminder:

Be sure to check your league’s ASAP status here. If your league has any outstanding requirements to complete, please, do so on, or before, July 15, 2016, By accounting for all of the ASAP requirements, your league is eligible to be considered for the cash award, provided your league’s ASAP plan was originally submitted within the established deadlines.  

Recruiting New Board Members:

Tournament season is a prime time to enlist and recruit new candidates for your league’s Board of Directors. The annual election of officers takes place in the fall, with the new Board seated at the beginning of the new fiscal year in October. Use this time to identify those league volunteers interested in serving on the Board of Directors for the coming season.