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Be the President Your League Needs You to Be

A responsible, engaged local League President is critical to the overall success of a league. While a vast majority of League Presidents around the globe respect the position, and serve as a guiding force to the local Board, parents, coaches, and umpires. The specific responsibilities of each league president should be spelled out in the local league’s Constitution, Little League® International has set up overarching guidelines for the role, which means each local league president is held accountable to the organization. Here’s an excerpt from the 2015 Operating Manual...

A fine tradition of unselfishness and dedicated effort has been passed on annually to thousands of incoming league presidents. Little League is a better and more vital program because of them. Each year as local leagues expand to embrace more participants, the mantle of leadership becomes more demanding and imposes more trust and responsibility upon the league presidents... Importantly, the president is the officer with whom Little League International maintains contact and who represents the league in the council of the District Organization. The president should be the most informed officer of the league... Beyond the requirements of league administration, the president should personify the best public image in reflection to the community at large. Each president should take an active role in gaining support and winning friends for the league.

However, some League Presidents have taken a different path to becoming their leagues’ leaders. There have been some instances where a person seeks election to the position solely because a family member or friend wants to manage a tournament team, but cannot if serving as League President. Regardless of how an individual was elected, the League President has many responsibilities for the regular season and tournament that are crucial to the operation of the local league, and Little League International depends solely on the League President to fulfill those duties.

With the season over, yet still fresh in your mind, now is a perfect opportunity to reflect on your work and leadership. Did you direct your league using strong leadership? Did you not distance yourself from difficult decisions? Did you support those that needed to be supported? Did you run your administration professionally? Did you put the interests of the children and your league above your own? Did you act fairly, respecting all sides and their opinions when sharing your viewpoints and suggestions? Did you offer up new ideas to help your league run better?

Most importantly, did you fulfill your obligations last year? We thank all the League Presidents out there working hard to improve their leagues and provide a great opportunity for all the children of their communities. But, as your league starts to plan its Board elections for the 2016 season, now is the time to answer those tough questions, and get ready for a great, new season.

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