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Little League® Chartering To Be Done Exclusively Online for 2016 Season

Little League® International will begin accepting 2016 league charters by the end of October. New this year, the process will be done exclusively online. Each community wishing to be part of the program can charter for the coming season through a single visit to the Little League Data Center.

By logging into the Little League Data Center, and using the league’s ID Number, the chartering process will remain virtually the same as in past seasons. A charter application has been specifically created for each league, along with the related insurance information. All of the charter and insurance fees may also be processed online. If you need your access code to login to the Data Center, email: accesscode@LittleLeague.org.

While striving to provide a more convenient and accommodating experience for it local leagues, Little League has taken its cue from the success of the online team registration for the 2015 Little League International Tournament, and applied those methods to the 2016 chartering process. Along with the ability to complete the annual charter application through the data center, local leagues can also update league officers, pay charter and insurance fees and access a myriad of other resources quickly and easily.

As an early charter incentive, Little League will once again provide 10 free Rulebooks (in addition to the one free per team received every year) to all leagues that charter prior to Jan. 1, 2016. Chartering early ensures that your league will receive all its supplies in a timely fashion prior to the start of your registrations and spring season.

When chartering, you can estimate the number of teams your league expects to field in each division. Team numbers can be adjusted online after your league completes your registration. Having the current information for League Presidents and other officers secure in the Data Center allows Little League International to accurately and directly provide materials such as the annual Chartering and Marketing Toolkit. The Toolkit will be sent once league officers are updated on the Data Center. Some exciting new features of this year’s Toolkit include a Little League marketing plan focused on league and player development.

Remember, through the Data Center, your District Administrator also has the ability to update information on the League President. As soon as Little League International has received confirmation that all of the league officers have been updated, your 2016 Chartering and Marketing Toolkit will be placed in the mail, and you can start getting ready for the 2016 season!