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Little League® Notebook - November

Volume 2 | Issue 9 | November 2015 | Archive
Now Launched! Little League® University – Create Your Free Account Today!
A new, free educational resource for all Little League® volunteers, including local league administrators, the online home of Little League University, LittleLeagueU.org, allows you to customize your training experience. Create your free account to begin using this amazing resource to help improve your Little League experience. Read more
Establish Interleague Play Now To Help Your Little Leaguers® Have a Well-Rounded, Fun Season
5 Things You Need to Know This Month: Regional Roundtables; Online Chartering; and More!
Don’t Let This Happen: Volunteer Appointment Leads to Local Controversy
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Updated! Check Your Little League® Calendar for the Latest Happenings
The Little League® Event Calendar provides local leagues with dates and times for a wide assortment of events scheduled in your area. Updated regularly, the calendar highlights Little League Road Show dates, educational opportunities that are being offered at the regional centers, and other meetings being to be held in your state or region.

Get Ready for the 2016 Season with the Chartering and Marketing Toolkit and LittleLeagueToolkit.org
All local leagues will soon be receiving the 2016 Chartering and Marketing Toolkit in the mail, if you haven’t already. This season, the local league chartering process will be completed entirely online, so there no league-specific charter application included in this year’s Toolkit. If your local league has not received the 2016 edition of the Chartering and Marketing Toolkit, log on to the Little League Data Center to confirm that all of your league officer information has been updated. The Chartering and Marketing Toolkit and accompanying website, LittleLeagueToolkit.org, is a resource that all members of local league Board of Directors should review and use throughout the year.
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Little League® Notebook | November 2015 | Archive