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League Bulletin Board: News & Notes for the Quorum

January 2015 Edition

Reminder for Local Leagues: As we move into 2015, we ask that you discontinue usage of any 75th Anniversary messaging and references. Remind your leagues to check their websites, signage, and all printed materials to make sure they are no longer using any materials with the 75th Anniversary logo or slogans. Thanks again for being a part of our wonderful year-long celebration!

2015 ASAP Information: Information and materials to facilitate the 2015 A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) are currently available online at the Little League website.

  • As Safety Officers complete the 2015 ASAP plan for their leagues, they are reminded that a copy of the plan must be mailed to Little League® International (539 U.S. Route 15 Highway, Williamsport, Pa., 17701-0485) along with the 2015 qualified safety program form. Please, note the deadlines for submission. Electronic submission of plans will not be accepted.

  • It is recommended that local leagues and districts reconcile and/or audit financial statements at various points throughout the year to limit the possibility of fraudulent activity.

  • It is time to start completing background checks. The first 125 checks are free to each league/district.

  • Leagues are encouraged to complete first aid and CPR training prior to the start of their regular season.

  • The latest editions of the ASAP Newsletter are available online.

Game Site Selection for Tournament Play: If your district intends to host any Little League International Tournament games above the district level, by Little League Tournament rule, the host league must have an approved ASAP plan. Also remember that ASAP plans must be implemented before the season starts in order to qualify as an approved plan for the current year.

Visit the Chartering and Marketing Toolkit Resource: As we enter the new year, leagues across the world are at various stages of operation. Please encourage your leagues to take advantage of the resources provided at LittleLeagueToolkit.org. The site is a complementary site to the Chartering and Marketing Toolkit and will provide valuable resources for all leagues and your district.

Chartering and Insurance Reminders: Please remind all local leagues that their 2014 insurance coverage ended on 12/31/14. Submission of a 2015 charter application prior to the end of the year ensures that a league does not have a break in insurance coverage. It is important to note that without proper insurance coverage, a league and its officials will not be properly covered for any league activities. Liability and Accident Insurance will not be in force for the 2015 season until the league has chartered and paid their premiums in full.

Coaches Toolkit: The Little League Baseball and Softball Coaches Toolkit provides separate packages for Little League Baseball and Little League Softball, which include sport-specific training manuals, videos, and other materials that will help both the novice and experienced coach.

Accounting Procedures: Please remind all of your leagues about the critical importance of being diligent and transparent in their accounting procedures and incorporating checks and balances to protect themselves from financial problems.

Playing PED-Free – Stand Against Substance Abuse: More than 1.5 million youth athletes admit to using anabolic steroids, with some starting as young as 11 and 12 years of age. The Taylor Hooton Foundation has built resources for Little League® coaches and parents to help educate them on the dangers of anabolic steroid use. Their free online training seminar opens eyes about the use of these steroids, while sharing how to recognize signs of dangerous substance abuse in your home and on your team. Learn more about the dangers of APEDs.

The Gatorade Hydration Pack: League Presidents, a special offer for Little League programs from Gatorade, the official sports beverage of Little League Baseball and Softball, is here for 2015! The Gatorade Hydration Pack is an essential part of any Little League dugout. For $35, you will get a 5-gallon rolling cooler and 48 bottles of 12-ounce Gatorade Thirst Quencher. You’ll also get coupons for Gatorade products. League Presidents must make the order. Click here to learn more and order Gatorade Hydration Packs for your league’s teams. Offer expires 11/30/2015 or when all Gatorade Hydration Packs have been claimed, whichever occurs first.

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