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Important Information on State Laws and Background Check Requirements

Little League® International constantly works with its volunteers and leagues to find ways to improve the Little League program. This often leads to new rules that are important for everyone in your league to know about. Understanding these changes, along with reminders of a few other rules, regulations, and considerations, will help set your league on the path toward a successful and memorable season.

Highlighting the changes for the 2015 season is the new wording for regulation I (c) 9 regarding background checks.

Background Checks

Little League® emphasizes once again the importance of conducting mandatory background checks, and the organization suggests using First Advantage to screen incoming volunteers. Remember, every league has its first 125 checks paid for by Little League Baseball and Softball. After a league has completed 125 background checks, any additional checks cost the league only $1 if conducted through First Advantage.

There are nine states that have passed new laws pertaining to volunteer background checks. If you live in one of these states, your league not only needs to comply with these new laws, but also with Little League’s mandatory background checks regulation. Detailed information on these nine states can be found on LittleLeague.org:


All new rules and regulations can be found on Page 1 of the Official Regulations and Playing Rules for Little League Baseball®, Little League Softball®, and the Little League Challenger Division®. These Rulebooks are available at LittleLeagueStore.net as well as on your Android and Apple devices.

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